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How do I start trading?

There are 2 simple steps to begin trading: – Register to become a seller – Upload the invoice you want to trade. We’ll then verify your invoice That’s it!  

How is this different to factoring or invoice discounting?

– Unlike invoice discounting, you only sell the invoices you want to sell, and there are no restrictive covenants or personal guarantees – There are no ongoing monthly service fees or non-use fees. Where traditional invoice discounters do not accept certain invoices or turn down your application, by posting the invoice on our platform you will find an investor keen to buy. – With Taladinvoice there are no contracts and there are no hidden fees. You’ll see exactly the cost of your finance upfront.  

What is verification, and why do you verify invoices?

– Verification simply involves confirming the details of your invoice are correct and legitimate. – We also ensure that payments from the invoice go to your Taladinvoice client account. – We always work around a method that suits you and your business.  

Will my customers know that I’m using Taladinvoice?

– Yes, in most cases your customers will know that you’re using Taladinvoice. – However, we do offer a confidential service on request. We can also offer a confidential service on a selective basis if you’d like to keep your relationship with Taladinvoice private from specific customers. In some of these cases we may ask for extra security, for example a charge. – You retain the communication with your customer, and it is your responsibility to chase up the invoice. Your customer will pay the invoice to an account in your name held with Taladinvoice, but our name will not appear on the account.